Saturday, October 25, 2014

Visiting My Own Studio

Ahhhhh that glorious feeling of walking into the studio after a few weeks away!

The storage area needs some attention but on the whole it's very tidy. I still have some new canvases and a few boxes to fill with folded book pages, so it's all good.

I see green outside the studio window. The autumn rain is here to replenish the trees and grass. 

Best of all I have a new painting started. Remembrance Day is soon. My painting will be about the women who have been killed outside of war and not remembered. So many women. So few reminders. 

The fabric around the poppy is actually my wedding dress from 1977. I'm debating ripping it apart as part of my "Out of Habit" art project. Would YOU?

Monday, October 13, 2014

Henri Matisse

We've had three visitors. Two of whom are time consuming yet adorable. They are nine months old twins. They laugh, scream, drool, giggle, motor about on the floor, bounce in the bouncy thing and are precious little beings. Their smiles melt hearts. BUT they sure kept us adults hopping! Between their mom, their poppa, their nana and three aunts (two with their own toddlers) we kept them fed, safe, entertained and their diapers changed as needed.

I took tons of photos but most were blurry like this one. Grandkids with their Poppa. 

I went into the studio a few times to have a look and to dream of quiet days of painting again. At night I'd get on Facebook and see what others were up to. I found this video on Ariane's blog and new I had to share it with you. Enjoy! I'll be back in a week. Until then.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Lost Keys Inspires Painting

I've lost my car keys. Not only the car keys but also the fob, the safety deposit key, the house key and my mom's house key. I've searched the car and the house through and through without finding them. The other day I was looking in the studio cupboard for the fiftieth time and I came across four paper  handles I've been saving.

The next day I glued them onto the canvas and left them to thoroughly dry.

Three hours later I grabbed a brush, some paint, gel medium...............
added a few plastic tiling crosses........

then I moved some crosses, removed two of the paper bag handles, covered most of the black paint up with white, transferred my photocopied face images, scraped some paint off....... 

another piece for the "Out of Habit" project. 

May you hear the call of the muse and feel the courage of Picasso!