Tuesday, April 22, 2014

New Painting in Spite of the Renos

Due to the basement bathroom reno still going on I moved the paint, easel, brushes, rags and my painting smock upstairs into my other studio. It was invigorating to put on the smock, squeeze out the acrylic paints, pick up a brush and effortlessly paint the afternoon away. Here is the result. Still needs a bit of work but I'm happy with it so far. 

unfinished 24"x24" mixed media painting by Carole Reid 
As mentioned in earlier posts, I'm not the best sleeper. When I was younger painting late into the night was exciting and very hip. Now that I'm older, late night painting makes for a cranky morning and the need for a snooze in the afternoon.

I've learned that it's best for me to work in my sketchbook rather than canvases. I can draw in bed in my nightgown next to the snorer and easily turn out the light when my mind settles down enough for sleep. As you can see in this photo I was drawing at 12:30 last night and continued until close the 2:00AM.

What do you think of this organic hemp fabric? I don't have plans for it yet but I just love the retro patterns and colours. Any suggestions? Maybe doll quilts for the grand girls? Maybe an apron for me!