Saturday, January 23, 2016

Drawing Challenge: Reef

Vancouver Island is renowned for its variety of natural diving spots. You can choose to dive by the cliffs in Nanaimo or go north towards Comox. Or south all the way down to Victoria/Sydney area.

Over the years the Artifical Reef Society of British Columbia has introduced artificial reefs into the waters. They are created by sinking old ships and aircraft. Here's the link to see the reefs and the sinking of ships. Very interesting. YouTube has quite a few videos of ships being sunk.

I don't ever (never ever) plan to dive into the ocean to see these reefs myself but I can imagine how rusty everything becomes from the salty waters. This is my ode to the ships, the divers and to those who create artificial reefs.


Thank you Katrin for this Drawing Challenge. Go to Katrin's wonderful blog. You'll see what the other artists did for this week's challenge.

Have a great week everyone. I'll be in my studio painting, painting, painting for my upcoming shows in March.

Here's another link to diving in Nanaimo, BC. 


  1. I dive! And I've dived around a sunken tug here on the North Shore! It's great. But what else is great is your collage and that map! Also that you're having a show in March! I want to come see you...and the show of course. (That's a lot of exclamation

  2. Never thought of a special sinking day! Love your ode. It reminds me of a treasure hunt map. - eric

  3. i can well imagine how you are painting, painting, painting. i am also fascinated by your header, mhmmmm...! do you have a printing press too, i wonder?
    so, anyway. diving into the reefs... nah. i'm more of the "what's-in-the-water"-type like you. shall we? n♥

  4. i love your rusty things and the story behind it!
    :-) mano

  5. lovely ode
    and lovely post
    i like old maps

    fine day to you dear Carole!

  6. Dear Carole,
    beautiful collage - and it reminds me too on a treasure hunt map. It let's awake the adventurer in me, especially together with your rusty objects!
    All the best for your painting, busy artist :-*
    Love, Ariane

  7. I have never felt more peaceful, but during diving. I do understand the scary parts though. the rust coming from salt water or salty ar is something I have learned to love, back in nz. the beauty of fading.


  8. Great rusty peaces! I love the material and your collage and I didn't have to read your text to think of rusty shipwrecks at once! Great idea.

  9. such a wonderful thing to consider
    those lost and now amongst the reefs

  10. Old maps and rusty things - and your words. All together a good Collage and an Inspiration to me. Thank you. Lucia