Wednesday, November 2, 2016

It's Rainy Season

When the rains begin in October we brave Vancouver Islanders haul out the Wellies. We spray our rainproof coats with more rainproofing. We search our closets for the multiples of umbrellas we've purchased on previous October days when rain wasn't forecasted. 

The sky turns grey. The wind howls. The wool blankets are draped over the back of the couches and chairs. Slippers find their way back on our cold feet. 

This all sounds horrid on paper (well on the screen) but I love this change in the weather because I get back in the studio full-time. October is my time to refocus, to argue with my inner critic, to tickle out the artist who's been on summer holidays. 

 Yay October and November! I'm releived you're back


  1. kind of harvest...
    I love those drawings on the first pic!
    Maybe you feel like to take part in the A.C. No. 200?
    x Stefanie

    1. Thanks, Stefanie. Yes, I will be honoured to participate in AC No 200!!!