Wednesday, February 8, 2017

365 Ways to Shoot a Doll

This project "365 Ways to Shoot a Doll" is meant to invoke thought, emotion and conversation. As the project moves along there will references to the abuses women and children live with and through from the hands of government, husbands, fathers etc. BUT it will also deal with the positive effects of love and respect and encouragement.

365 Ways to Shoot a Doll : Arms

Dolly and I haven't had much time together this past week. We had our four year old granddaughter with us and she likes Nana to play, play, PLAY with her. BUT she does not like Dolly. As most four year olds she finds Dolly a bit scary because of the burnt plastic skin and the holes poked in her face and body. We instead played with happy smiling dollies. Poor Dolly was ignored. 

I won't even tell you how tired the robins and I are of all this snow! 


  1. Dolly is a bit scary Carole. :) Heck, I wouldn't want Dolly sleeping in my bedroom. As I write, we are being BLASTED by a wicked nor easter laying down a centimetre of snow every ten minutes, whipped up by powerful gale force winds. Truth is, I love snowstorms. Bigger the better. Here they slow the machinery of humanity, the capitalism, bringing us together more in the light of fire in the cold nights. This winter here has been, up to now, abnormally snow free and quite warm. Sharpen your shovel Carole! It's Canada! Best wishes from the East!

    1. Ha ha you're right about sharing a bedroom with Dolly, Mark.
      It's rained all day and night yesterday but sunny and 8*C today. The roads are clear and I'm chirping along a happy song with the robins!

  2. dolly is really a bit scary, but I love this project and I'm curious about new pictures!
    you have so many robins?? great, I have only one... you can find him in my blogpost today!!
    :-) mano

    1. I'm having a great time with this project. Dolly is very photogenic!
      On the way to check out your robin.