Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Time for an Update and Announcement

I am thrilled to announce my art exhibition at Gallery Merrick in Nanaimo on Vancouver Island.

             CAROLE REID
                at GALLERY MERRICK

              13B Commercial St
              Nanaimo, BC
              Friday, July 27 opening night part 7-9pm
              Saturday, July 28 11-4
              Sunday, July 29 11-4

After a year of healing and recovery through creating art I am finally exhibiting fifty of my favourite pieces. I have thoroughly enjoyed creating these and know deep in my heart that I have survived this past year by working on this series. I have benefited from physical, mental and emotional healing. My friends and family have watched me work madly on these and offered me amazing support.

This past year hasn't been easy. My diagnosis of breast cancer and mastectomy in May 2017, the death of my mother in August, the death of my son in law last March 2018 and the fear of the "what ifs" have all played a role is who I am as a person now.  I'm still screaming Fuck Cancer at the top of my lungs but I'm also enjoying life and all it has to offer.


  1. Just like how i've come to know you dearly. A fighter woman with a big, soft heart. Love you. X n��
    Knock 'em dead, love.

  2. Great achievement Carole and may you have a very successful show. Shame you are so far away.Post lots of photos please.

  3. I am so excited. I will be heading down from Hornby on the 28th so I will drop in on your exhibit!

  4. wo-hoo! dear Carole!
    You've turned something bad into something good, powerful with all highs and lows of life and beeing.
    Congratulations! And good vibes from/for your exhibtion. Would love to come.
    My dear friend F. has survived breastcancer at the same time and right yesterday I've wondered about her new long curles. Life is amazing!

    Ariane. Still rose.

  5. I am looking forward to seeing your work.

  6. I'm catching up after being away. So many hard things in your life. I'm glad art has helped you heal and process. I hope the exhibition goes/went well.